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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to Record Computer or Laptop Screen from Youtube Without Software

How to Record Computer or Laptop Screen from Youtube Without Software

Friends, all of us are seeing today everyone is making channels on their YouTube and making money, as well as today there are some people who do not use youtube, so we all know about youtube and computers. Today, through this post, I am going to share some such information with you. Today, how do you record a computer or laptop screen from youtube but without the help of software.

How to Record Computer or Laptop Screen from Youtube Without Software
How to Record Computer or Laptop Screen from Youtube Without Software

To upload money to monetize and earn money from the internet, there is no big platform from YouTube. Many YouTube users working on the Youtube website are earning millions. Today is the time of digital media. As you all know People from all age groups use smart phones and this type of phone has a good quality digital camera. Friends are easy to record videos with their phones and record video files Take on Mputr it can be easily uploaded to YouTube | now like you to video upload using the Create Video with the help of your computer Screen Capture system but with the help of a phone |

How To Record Computer / Laptop Screen From Youtube Without Software -
Friends, you use all youtube and laptops but some things are probably we all do not know. Today requires every techque, so let's know today through this article how to do a computer screen record from youtube but today I know you are going to tell without software, let's know.

• Friends, first of all go to the internet and visit the website. Now sign in with your mail address. Now on the main front page of the website, click on the MY Channel tab on the left side. Create a new mail account. Then go to gmail's website and sign up and create new account.

• Now you can find the second step next screen on the UPLOAD tab and click on it, it will be in the top right corner of the tab page, and then click on the LIVE STREEMING tab on the next screen. This tab is between the right and middle of the screen Keep your mobile pass while doing this task, so that you can ask to verify the YouTube number, by checking the OTP, you can verify the number.
• Next, the next screen will be created for the event. On this page you will have to set the title and privacy rules of your new video.

(1) Click on Event.

(2) Give your video an attractive name.

(3) Set up the policy for the video.

(4) Finally Finally, click Go Live Now.

Friends, now you will be able to open the screen of Google hangouts once you click on the Tab of Go Live Now in the third step. Here you have to click on the camera icon. Now you have to stop using Webcam Recording tab and use it. If you do not want any kind of sound, turn off Audio Recording.

After this, now click on the Screen Share button on the separate screen, by doing this small small option screen will appear. Select from the screen you want to record and then click the SHARE tab in the corner.

• Now you have to go to the Video Manager next and you will find your new record and saved video. This video can be downloaded and edited by a great video editor software.

How To Record Computer Screen -

• Download Software -

1. Download Software |

2. Now install.

3. Open the software.

• Enclose Record Screen Size -

1. Open the software.

2. Now make the record screen adjacent.

3. Select full screen option for full screen record.

• Now click on setting -

1. Click ctrl + f10 for the record stop.

2. Press ctrl + f7 for Record pause and resume.

3. Press Ctrl + alt + E for the Toolbar show and hide.

• Now click on the record -

1. Click on Rec for Computer Screen Records.

2. Now click on the OK button.

In this way, the selection that you have done will be easily recorded. So today I tell you two ways in which you can easily record. I hope you all liked it very much.

In this way you can easily record the screen without using the great features of the software. It can be easily recorded on any laptop or desktop computer screen. Although this feature is for YouTube live streaming, you can make a great video by taking help of this article's general information. If you have enjoyed this post, please comment below.

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