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Saturday, September 8, 2018

What is a website | Definition of web page meaning

What is a website

Define Website and web Website is hot: Today at the time of internet we are all dependent on the Internet for any information. All types of information are available online today and for this information we have to visit the website. Website means a place where a lot of information is stored in web pages. For example, if a hotel is a website then all information related to that hotel is stored on the webpage and placed on the website. The website can be asked to define that the website is a central location where the information is stored in many web pages and can be accessed by any user connecting to the web pages of that web site. Like if you are searching for information about a company, then you will have to go to the company's website after connecting to the internet. Once you open that website, there you will find many pages - Home, about Us, contact us on which company will be the information. Available on the website, these pages are called web pages

What is a website What is Website

What is a website What is Website 

Thus, a website is a collection of many web pages and these web pages can contain many different types of information. This information can be in the form of text as well as graphics, animation, sound or video. How many pages a website will have depends on what the website has to offer and what information the website owner wants to share with the internet users. From one page to thousands of web pages
To open the website: To open the website, you will need to open the browser of your mobile or computer (like Chrome, IE, Mozilla etc.) and then enter the name of that website in browser (For example www.hinditechy.com). As if you are reading this web page of this website, then the website you have opened on this website is called a browser. To know more about Browser click here |

Definition of web page meaning

What is the difference between website and web pages: Website is a collection of all web pages. Think of it as a book example - you can speak the book to the website and the pages in it can be found on web pages. So the website you are currently on is www.hinditechy.com and the page you are reading is called a web page.
Who makes the website and why: All information is available online today, so all the people who are doing business or want to make their website of the presence or product information available to the online logo. Apart from this, if anyone wants to access any kind of information to people all over the world then Website is the best tool. Because the internet is available on every home and mobile today, therefore no one can view the website in any of the world by opening it to your device.

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