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Friday, September 21, 2018

What is a computer - What is Computer

What is a computer - What is Computer

You want information about the computer. So you have come to this lesson of ours. So we will not disappoint you at all and will give you complete information about the computer.

In this Lesson you will know what is Computer? What is Computer Full Form? Computer types and various parts of Computer will be familiar with

What is a computer
What is a computer

What is Computer - What is Computer

Hundreds of thoughts start coming to mind when you hear the computer's name. Because the computer can do hundreds of activities alone. Yes, hundreds! You read correctly and that too together. It is a bit difficult to compress computers. This is because every person uses a computer for different tasks.

If you ask a writer / typist what is a computer? So he probably said that Computer is a type machine. Similarly, when we ask a child playing a game, he might say that Computer is a game machine. That is why we can say that computers can not be composed in any sense. The meaning of computer is different for every person based on its usage. Even though the computer has so much meaning, we have tried to define the computer for you. You can not take the definition of this computer as a certified definition of computer. Because the meaning of the computer also changes on the basis of the work.

Computer Definition and Computer Full Form

"Computer is a machine that edits the work according to some fixed instructions. To say more, Computer is an electronic device that accepts data with the help of input tools and processes them and provides those data as information with the help of output devices. "
Computer is an English word. Computer means "calculation" in Hindi. That means the computer is a calculator. But, it would be wrong to say that the computer is a connecting machine. Because there are hundreds of different functions apart from adding a computer.
So even today, we have not been able to tie computers in one definition. Different people and organizations have described Computer Full Form. But, none of these is Standard Full Form. We have given you a full form of Computer below. Which is quite popular and meaningful.

C - Common
O - Operating
M - Machine
P - Particularly
U - Used in
T - Technology
E - Education and
R - Research

That is, Common Operating Machine Particularly Used in Technology Education and Research.

Types of Computer

There are three main types of computers. You can get more information about these types of computers from Lesson.

1. Application
2. Purpose
3. Size

Introduction to Computer

Computer can not do its work alone. Computer takes the help of a variety of tools and programs to perform a task. These computers and programs of computers are known as 'Hardware and Software' respectively. You can learn about these computer components and programs in the next lesson. A common computer looks like this.
The computer which you are looking at above is called 'Desktop Computer'. This type of computer is more popular at the present time. In this photo you will be seeing many different tools, they all make a computer machine. Let's know briefly about these tools.

1. System Unit

The System Unit is a box in which the computer is equipped with the necessary equipment to perform its function. System Unit 'C.P.U. Also called. It has a mother board, processor, etc. which makes computers work to work. It is also called case.

2. Monitor

Monitor is an output tool that shows the results of the instructions given to us. It is exactly like the TV. At present, Monitors have been replaced by LCD and LEDs.

3. Keyboard

Keyboard is an input device that is used to give instructions to computers. With this help, the computer is given the desired data and instructions. There are different types of keys in them, data and instructions are passed through the computer. You can learn how to use the keyboard here.

4. Mouse

Mouse is also an input device that is meant to give instructions to computer. We hereby choose the program available in Computer. You can learn to use the mouse here.

5. Speakers

Speakers are an output tool that helps us listen to the voice from the computer. Through these, we hear sounds available in songs, films, programs and games etc.

6. Printer

Printer is also an output tool that is used to get the information analyzed by computer on paper. The information received on paper is also called 'hardcopy'. And in contrast, the information that is stored in the computer is called 'softcopy'.

what have you learned?

In this Lesson you know what the computer is? How many types of computers are there? You also know about different parts of the computer. We hope you get acquainted with the computer after reading this lesson.

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