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Friday, September 7, 2018

What are computers?

What are computers?

Computer is an Electronic Device that provides information in the inputted data by User as Result, i.e. Computer is an Electronic Machine which follows the instructions given by User.

What are computers?
What are computers?

Process data by input from computer user

Output results as "

 "The Data Input Process by Computer User by Output Results are provided as"
The term computer is derived from the word "COMPUTE" which means "to calculate", so it is clear that the direct connection of computer is with the calculator device, currently it is not limited to the calculation of its area only Extremely widespread. The computer has its high storage capacity, speed, automation, capacity, accuracy, reliability, reability, and power to remember our lives. Every area is becoming important. Computer can be calculated in a more subtle time more rapidly, the results given by the computer are more pure.

What are computers?
What are computers?

Nowadays computer is being used in every area of ​​the world such as space, film production, traffic, industry trade, railway station, school, college, airport, etc. Computer where reservation of seats in airplanes, trains and hotels is done on one side, on the other hand, due to Computer, the functioning accuracy and speed is increasing.

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